Virtual Funnel Building Masterclass | June 6-7

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Funnels To Fortunes:

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Funnels To Fortunes

During This Free Event, You'll Learn Several Different Strategies and Techniques For Building

A Profitable Sales Funnel



Simplify your Facebook group growth strategy using cutting-edge techniques. Join us as we discuss leveraging innovative strategies to build, optimize, and supercharge your Facebook groups. Learn how to drive success with proven growth tactics. It's time to turn your Facebook group into a thriving community that makes you money!


Discover how to simplify your sales funnel strategy using AI technology. Join us as we delve into the secrets of leveraging AI to build, optimize, and supercharge your sales funnels. Learn from industry-leading experts who are breaking barriers and driving success with AI. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and turn your funnel into a fortune!

Market Like You Matter

It's time for you to take up space and BE SEEN! Learn the power of impactful marketing with insights from the best selling author of "Market Like You Matter." These simple and easy to follow strategies will drive success and break barriers.


Join us as we delve into the secrets of leveraging advanced ad tactics to amplify your reach, optimize performance, and scale your campaigns. Simplify your ad strategy and get ahead of the curve to create significant growth!



It's time to captivate your audience and drive sales with innovative incentive marketing strategies. Learn the same techniques Fortune 500 companies use to craft irresistible offers that boost customer loyalty and skyrocket your growth.

Launch Strategy

Stop hoping whatever you throw at the wall is going to stick THIS TIME...Execute flawless launches with strategies designed to maximize impact and ensure success. Learn how to create buzz, drive engagement, and achieve record-breaking results.

These Experts Are Addressing Your Previous Struggles,

Sharing Strategies, Systems, and Plans To Overcome, and

Turn Your Funnels Into Fortunes!

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Strategy Session Schedule:



1:15p EST/12:15p CST: Market Like You Matter

Kara Laws: Business Educator


2:15p EST/1:15p CST: How To Utilize AI In Your Funnel Strategy

Cathi Tarbox: AI Teacher/Innovator


3:30p EST/2:30p CST: Ads...You're Doing It Wrong

Anna Langa: Funnel Unicorn


4:14p EST/3:15p CST: You Don't Need A Million Subscribers To Make $$ On YouTube

Elise Michelle: YouTube Strategist



1:15p EST/12:15p CST: Facebook Growth Strategy

Laura Hernandez: Facebook Growth Expert


2:00p EST/1:00p CST: Launch Strategy

Alison Simmons: Business Systems Expert


2:45p EST/1:45p CST: How to Sell Without Selling

Jana Niksa: The Authentic Sales Coach


3:30p EST/2:30p CST: 2x-5x Your Lead Creation

Ali Mehdaui: Your Strategic Partner


4:15p EST/3:15p CST: #FixMyFunnel Workshop

JKN: The Funnel Badass

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